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James A. Mosley 

President, EnviroKinetics, Inc



James A. Mosley brings over 35 years in the environmental, community planning, 

and public involvement space. James founded EnviroKinetics, Incorporated in 1995,

and has been exceptionally successful in activities such as coordinating the public

involvement and project identity for the $ 1.5 billion 1-69 Evansville to Indianapolis

Highway Project, and City of Evansville’s $ 2.5 million grant from the U.S. Department

of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).


Before returning to Indiana to work on energy, environmental, transportation,

community, and urban planning projects, James was a Senior Urban Planner in

the Mayor’s Executive Branch Office in Washington, DC. There, he was in charge of 

infrastructure redesign, façade treatment for existing businesses, and major

commercial development in Ward Six and Ward Seven in the nation’s Capitol.

He was also elected and served 4 terms as an Advisory Neighborhood

Commissioner in Washington, DC. 


A driven entrepreneurial professional with high caliber management qualifications,

James Mosley has been squarely focused on promoting sustainable communities

and contributed to the establishment of Indiana’s first full-time Brownfields Coordinator

at the Evansville Department of Metropolitan Development. He has also worked on

a wide range of zoning, land use, and public acquisition projects.



James has recently been credentialed on the City of Evansville Program Management

System with the Loch Group; with Cass/Adams 72" Relief Sewer Project with CHA

Consulting, Inc.; the Pigeon Creek Interceptor Rehabilitation with Compliance

EnviroSystems, LLC, and the Bee Slough Advanced Facilities Planning Project

with the Loch Group. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Administration

from Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs. He has been

published extensively on topics such as area revitalization, planning, and development. 

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