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Nick Fox 

Administrator, EnviroKinetics, Inc

A seasoned account and management professional, Nick Fox is also a First Lieutenant and Executive Officer for the Indiana National Guard. 


Previously serving in the Finance Department of the United States Air Force, Lieutenant Fox has been exceptionally successful at liaising, auditing, verifying and managing peripheral financial, cost, managerial accounting services for the eleven military bases under his purview.


With a Secret Security Clearance from the United States Government, Nick has also been responsible for training programs for over 500 co-workers, and is currently tasked with 95 soldiers in the National Guard; handling administrative tasks, training, procurement, and scheduling for the Maintenance Platoon of the Indiana National Guard.


Nick Fox has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the University of Southern Indiana, and an Associate Degree in Financial Management from the Community College of the United States Air Force. 


He also served as an Accountant for the EEMSCO, managing accounts receivable, collections, and invoicing. Each of these services contributed to his outstanding skills as a specialist in procurement, purchasing and inside sales. In this role, he also served as a Safety and EASA Coordinator. 


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