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(1-69 & US 31)

Under Bernardin Locmueller & Associates,

we assisted in research & drafting several NEPA/Category Exclusions baseline studies. Projects included the US31 Plymouth to South Bend Environmental Impact Statement and the I-69 Tier I Final Environmental Impact Study.




Portage, IN

Performed lead-based paint Clearances on nine apartment units at Oak Grand Community Apartment Complex on Green River Road in Evansville. Collected dust-wipe samplings and sent these to

laboratory for findings.

Evansville, IN

Conducted lead-based paint Inspections on residential housing. Collected dust wipes, Niton XRF tests and soil samples on residences. Collected lab results & developed a Risk Assessment report with findings and recommendations for hazard control techniques. 


Environmental & Sustainability Clients





Conducted extensive field research on over 33 proposed highway corridors to identified and documented all man-made/natural environmental considerations. Reviewed

land use to identify potential roadways

across Karst and sink hole terrain.



Kentucky Transportation Cabinet;

Evansville MPO; Vanderburgh County

& Federal Highway Administration

As sub-consultant to HNTB, Envirokinetics, Inc. conducted windshield & land use research along the 11 Corridor Alternatives.

We also conducted homeowner surveys; compiling findings for inclusion into Draft Level 1 Alternatives Analysis Report.



Region 5 (MCT - 175) 

Consulted on a grant develop an Environmental Awareness Program; establishing a 'state of the art'

Environmental Justice Resource Center

with linkages to national organizations

and networks.  


EnviroKinetics, Inc. provided home energy conversation (HEC) services to over 120 homes in Vanderburg and Posey Counties.

We also liaised to install photovoltaic, wind turbines, and other renewable technology.

Overall services included energy audits, intelligent weatherization, air sealing, et al.


(US 31 Plymouth to South Bend EIS)

In this project, we researched city and county planning offices, COG and MPOs to collect and compile land use/zoning, housing, agriculture, population trends and other community or demographic characteristics of the study area.


(1-69 - Henderson, KY to Evansville, IN)

This was an environmental impact/engineering assessment where primary activities involved meeting the City of Henderson Planning Office to review neighborhood plans & small area studies to establish viability of a residential complex astride a proposed alternative route. 

Evansville & Jeffersonville, IN

Under the HEC, we consulted on a Kellogg Foundation grant to coordinate & develop two Ohio River Watershed workshops  focused on water quality issues in the Jeffersonville and Evansville, Indiana areas. These workshops brought broad-based partnerships together to protect local water resources in the Ohio River Basin. 



Region 5 - Acquisition & Assistance Branch

Working at a Chemical Recovery Systems (CRS) site in Elyria, Ohio, we undertook community involvement activities as part of the EPA's Comprehensive Environmental Response & Liability Act. Under EPA specifications, we coordinated outputs to ensure effective public input processes.

in partnership with HNTB

Our purpose was to ensure coordination of a public involvement roll-out strategy for the

$ 1.5 billion 1-69 Highway Project (FHA's 

Corridor 18, connecting Mexico to Canada).

We provided project identity for the six multinational section consultants and coordinated all public involvement protocols

for the evaluation process of the State of Indiana 1-69 preliminary route concepts.

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